INT, 2023
91 min., OV
This selection of QUEER PORN SHORTS explores and celebrates various ways and settings of LGBTQIA+ diversity, body positivity/ neutrality, queer sexuality, pleasure, and joy. Artsy, steamy, kinky, funny, or wholesome - these films give visibility to underrepresented identities and bodies, claim queer spaces, counteract stereotypes, and thereby challenge the mainstream culture of porn production.

Zutritt ab 18 Jahren
Ticket: 9 EURO
*not included in/ ausgenommen vom nonstop Kinoabo

A Date by Oran Julius and Ramses Rodstein, United States, English, 5 minutes
Do Deep Sea Creatures Dry? by Zoe Manta, Greece 2023, No Dialogue, 17 minutes
Real Man by Rafael Rudolf, Brazil 2023, Portuguese, 18 minutes
Shades of Midnight Blue by Molly Hope and Mari Lyn Butler, Germany 2023, English, 8 minutes
Reclamation by Oran Julius, United States, English, 7 minutes
Peaches & Lover Boy by Papi Femme, United States 2023, English, 15 minutes
VANESSA by Finn Darrell, United Kingdom 2023, No Dialogue, 5 minutes
My Stranger (2024) by Bea Blue, Germany 2023, English, 16 minutes