INT, 2023
79 min., OV
Mainstream media is still dominated by heteronormative, sexist, and stigmatizing (mis-)representations of bodies and sexualities. This is why our QUEER PORN SHORTS take a stance against discrimination, and for body positivity, LGBTQIA+ diversity, and inclusion. All forms of sexualities and identities are celebrated in this category which aims to create the framework for a queer safer space full of joy and expression.
CLAP by Esteph Medusa, Belgium 2022, No Dialogue, 7 minutes
Jackob et Jim by Wolfgang Wisely, United Kingdom 2023, English, 3 minutes
Wien-Konsent - Vienna Safety Instructor by Lars* Kollros, Austria 2024, No Dialogue, 8 minutes
Satin by Vespéral, Canada 2023, English, 7 minutes
Monochrome by Dan Nieders, Switzerland 2022, English, French and Spanish, 13 minutes
TRANSIT by Jiz Lee and Vanniall, United States 2023, No Dialogue, 5 minutes
On Photography by Helena Falabino, Italy 2023, No Dialogue, 6 minutes
Funghi Boost by cilu dièl, thermostat 7, popo la sodo, ernesto fag, and fantom ass, Belgium 2023, No Dialogue, 12 minutes
Summer with Maria by Joanna Paulina Ślesicka, produced by Erika Lust und Xconfessions, Spain 2022, English, 18 minutes

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