Porn Film Festival Vienna 2020

Porn Film Festival Vienna


This program is entirely dedicated to female lust and pleasure and showcases masturbation as an act of liberation and empowerment. Drenched in cozy pinks and strong reds, showered with glitter, oil and water, the scenes evoke sensuality and passion – in the forest, at the lake, on the couch and in the bathtub! Rhythmically, the protagonists their body, in pairs of two and three. A mystical witch pays tribute to her sensual inner goddess with a gorgeous female* python while Narcissus & Echo show up in an engaging feminist reinterpretation of the story. What remains is a plea for self-love and body positivity.
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Our little melange of political porn shorts features a variety of experimental films that address a stunning variety of social and political issues connected to bodies, sexualities and good old sex. You’ll be able to witness a group of queers discovering their sexuality beyond all concepts of gender and identity–thanks to german sausages. You will be joining a suicidal wrestling ring, but also witness 11 different ways to give and receive pleasure while social distancing in times of Corona. And can sexuality be a salvation from fascism? Take out your knives in solidarity with consensual pervert lifestyles across the galaxy!

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In Kooperation mit THIS HUMAN WORLD Film Festival



Once again this year, we want to pay tribute to national filmmakers with a Mara Mattuschka retrospective! In her short film program, she shows us body, lust, sex, intimacy and language as the playing field of the cinematic eye. She opens up concepts, connects them with bodies and bodily fluids, and expands the corporeal with her private, virtuous mythology. Lust, disgust, shame and ecstasy are constantly being staged anew. In the process, she blurs the deciphering of female and male bodies. In doing so, her films meet the festival’s thematic focus: “What is sex?” and find a new translation.

Mara Mattuschka was born in 1959 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She studied ethnology and linguistics at the University of Vienna. The award-winning filmmaker, actress and painter lives and works in Vienna.

CLIMATE CHANGE PORN SHORTS & Fuck For Forest - First Years

Foreplay: From cannabis, eco-sexuality and consensual kink to a fake documentary that explores the “Pohornys” tribe practicing eco-sexual rituals; from floral fuckery to tree vulvas: Love your environment and make love in your environment!

The main act: “Fuck For Forest”: a documentary, from the startup of the world’s only real social ecological porn project – also known as the FFF. Follow the gonzo story of Leona & Tommy – creating fuck for forest. Armed with low-fi equipment and sexy attitude, FFF collects money for saving nature, while learning about the power of sex and nudity – facing the sad reality of nature suppression.

Fucking Against Fascism & Goddess Ckiara’s Temple

Fucking Against Fascism: This film was conceptualised as a way to make something on a small enough budget that we could use it to raise money for life-saving charities, but grew as each performer, brilliant and talented in all they do, brought their own intentions and meanings to this erotic project. Portions of the sales from the film will be donated monthly to Trans Lifeline, Black Lives Matter and other organizations resisting the up-rise of fascism around the

Goddess Ckiara’s Temple: When Gabriel, a member of a SWERF (sex-worker exclusionary radical feminist) “savior society,” poses as a client for a Pro Domme session with Goddess Ckiara, in order to “save” her from the sex industry, his mission does not go as planned.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


This year’s collection of GAY PORN SHORTS is as colorful, as intimate, as powerful as it can get! Colorful like the wonderful bouquets of flowers, which create a dreamlike symbiosis between man and nature. Powerful, because our journey presents the idea of good sex with mother nature. Yum! And intimate? Yes! Lasting romantic moments that feel like a good friend whispering dirty secret in our ear. Secrets? We have heard a lot, but sometimes really tough ones are being revealed. Time to talk about ALL of history! Dirty and bold, that’s how we like it – because sometimes more is more, less is boring! Enjoy delicious gay snacks!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


Fetish Porn Shorts present a spectrum ranging from deeply caring hospital clowning to highly intensive love stories. Therefore, we will visit a red lighted basement, learn about Leo, who tries devotedly to make his Miss happy, and experience a bedroom scene featuring pink sneakers. We will go on an adventurous shopping trip, witness a transformation in loops, find ourselves on a female journey of sexploration and watch an intern putting much effort into his performance. Finally, we witness an intimate story about a boy’s fantasy, and a love-story charged with stroboscopic violence.

Tickets 9.-

Female Ejaculation & Other Mysteries Of The Universe

Author and director Julia Ostertag takes an autobiographical journey through the little discovered world of female ejaculation. On her trip, she meets six characters from five different countries who have dedicated their work to this topic – in film, literature, performance, activism and sex education. The film offers new perspectives on female sexuality and a sex-positive political HERstory of female pleasure through a diverse collection of found-footage, interviews and documentary material from around the world. Viva la Vulva!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


What is to be expected from the STRAIGHT PORN SHORTS this year? Trying to unveil reality, we follow the life of a full-time sex worker. Continuing on educating, a musical gush takes a look at polyamory in a SFW comedy. Porn Life is brought to a next level, sneak peeks are taken in the daily life of two different sex workers! Fantasies run wild and create pythonesque emotions and lustful touches. A personal dating history collides with humor and cynicism, while in other parts we come to enjoy primeordial instincts – instincts we all know. Electronic-sensually charged and driven by our inner avantgarde, we approach flowers and change and decay. We go straight to the core of lust.

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The latest moviefilm by filmmaker, painter and performer Mara Mattuschka is based on Plato’s eponymous dialogue. At the center of the film is Emil, a young actor who is the object of desire of Italian fashion-designer Rossi and his dubious colleague Strauß. A fateful triangular (and later polygonal) story about power and desire unfolds. In this film, queer birds of paradise, colorful creators of self-portraits and untamed outsiders find each other and make the dark corners of the city shine.

Until Porn Do Us Part

»Until Porn Do Us Part« describes two lives that could not be more different: First, we there is Eulália, a conservative and religious woman and second, there is her son, Foster, who has just moved to Berlin, to fulfil his dream of becoming a porn actor. Eulália chastises herself every day by stalking her son’s facebook profile. She regularly sends him tons of messages that remain largely unanswered. Foster tries to protect himself by escaping from his mother’s care. Will mother and son find a way to reunite as a loving family?

in cooperation with This Human World – International Human Rights Film Festival

Porn Film Festival Vienna


These Shorts take us on hot lesbian and queer adventures. We will take part in a journey on a motorbike that leads us directly into another kind of bumpy ride in a motel room. We join two women talking about safe sex before lustfully engaging in it. We experience the orgasmic climax of a boiling tea kettle in the morning, and observe three entwined bodies having casual sex in a nightclub. And we (excuse the pun) finish off with a engaging sex-postive potpourri featuring our favorite queer Berlin scenesters. All short films are wonderfully diverse, but with a strong emphasis on erotic intimacy between women*.

Porn Film Festival Vienna


Our collection of Austrian Porn Shorts presents exquisite nibbles beyond mass porn boredom. Get ready to observe vibrators and domestic kittens fighting and biting. We will travel to surreal landscapes to watch a vibrant pink anus in flirtatious interactions and embark on a dreamlike journey through shifting layers of consciousness. We will enjoy the great masturbatress enjoying herself, immerse ourselves in thoughts of possibilities and limits, and be electrified by the power of the vulva. We will witness fruity fleshy pleasure, a blind sexdate experiment, and hear a poetic story of emotional memories and burning sensations.

Tickets 9.-


(EN: THE SAD GIRLS OF THE MOUNTAINS) Four depressive teenage girls withdraw from patriarchal society to start a new life in a mountain hideout. Isolated from society, they transform their misery and melancholia into pornography for their web project “The Sad Girls of The Mountains” and use the money they earn to fund their survival and to support Kurdish militia groups. The girls see their sadness as an act of countercultural resistance and want to weaponize the so-called male gaze. The arrival of two reporters intending to make a documentary about them changes the dynamics in their feminist micro-utopia. A mockumentary stuffed with witty social criticism.


New here? Interested in the holistic, the sensual? Well then I guess our festival’s Intro Porn Shorts are just the right thing to dive into. We show you how to get down under lockdown, and present you with poetic female journeys and inspiring sexual cheating fantasies. – Monogamy as a prison between love and desire. Body fluids are reinterpreted, rediscovered! Fabulous queer performance meets electronic beats, and beautiful rituals stimulate our senses to feel complete joy and passion. Finally: showers of glitter, screaming for equality and desire. And as we humans are always hungry, let’s enjoy some pizza with special toppings! Our Intro Porn shorts are tasty!