04.10.2020 | 19:00

Our little melange of political porn shorts features a variety of experimental films that address a stunning variety of social and political issues connected to bodies, sexualities and good old sex. You’ll be able to witness a group of queers discovering their sexuality beyond all concepts of gender and identity–thanks to german sausages. You will be joining a suicidal wrestling ring, but also witness 11 different ways to give and receive pleasure while social distancing in times of Corona. And can sexuality be a salvation from fascism? Take out your knives in solidarity with consensual pervert lifestyles across the galaxy!


Cruising the Clyde, Siobhan Fahey, United Kingdom, 2020, 10′, EN OV  
Wrestling Blues, Yarli Allison, United Kingdom, 2019, 6′, ZH OV + EN subs
fat, Amanda Lindenbach, Canada, 2018, 2′, EN OV
Hard, Sasha Ihnatovich & Jasmina Mustafić, Slovenia, 2019, 6′, SK OV + EN subs  
Polish Cumbucket, Rafal Zwirek & Aga Szreder, Poland, 2019, 7′
At Dagger`s drawn, Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestörung, Germany, 2018, 8′
Kitchen Talk, Reclaiming Our Image, Germany, 2018, 5′, EN OV + EN subs
Worlds of Desire: A trilogy about identity, sexuality and freedom, Film 02: sexuality, Manuel Klein, Germany, 2020, 19′, ES, EN, FR OV + EN subs
WRONG KIND OF FAT: SOME BEAR OVER THE PAIN-BOW, Lee Campbell, United Kingdom, 2019, 1′, EN OV
DES!RE, Campbell X, United Kingdom, 2017, 9′, EN OV
Entropia, Flóra Anna Buda, Hungary, 2019, 10′
A Whole, Maggie Fitz, Austria, 2019, 8′, DE OV + EN subs
SEX IN TIMES OF CORONA, Candy Flip & Theo Meow & Jo Pollux & Finn Peaks & Doxytocine & Katy Bit & Binx & Johnny Jane & Dolores Maria & Toni Karat & Manon Praline & Hyenaz & Harvey & Frau Dark & spir@lena, Germany, 2020, 8′, EN OV & GER subs