Olga Chajdas, POL, 2018
130 min., OmeU (polnisch)
Transition Queer Film Night
After twenty years, Nina's marriage to Wojtek is going nowhere, partly because of their failed attempts to have children. When they meet a young woman, Magda, they decide to propose that she become a surrogate mother for their child. But things get more complicated when Nina suddenly feels attracted to Magda.
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"Have you known each other for a long time?" Magda (Eliza Rycembel) asks her married teacher, Nina (Julia Kijowska), about her relationship just after they've met. "Since high school." "And you're not bored yet?" "It's become a bit boring." The cure for boredom is, of course, a child. After years of fruitless attempts, however, they don't have options left, and the young Magda seems to be the perfect candidate for a surrogate-but Nina starts to feel something more for her. In Olga Chajdas's film, an award winner at the Rotterdam Festival, a grown-up woman starts having doubts about her well-ordered life under the influence of an uninhibited girl. The sarcastic teacher Nina, constantly correcting her husband's grammar, suddenly discovers that she has completely new needs. Chajdas shows that, in addition to being bold, she also has a dry sense of humor.

This accomplished debut paints a sensitive portrait of a strong yet confused woman trapped in her role as wife and daughter. The energetic, apparently carefree Magda breaks open her world. The camera stays close to the three protagonists, almost without the use of establishing shots, creating a sensorial, highly vibrating atmosphere. But there is one location that plays a crucial role: Natalia Ba?owska’s artwork Birth Place, which represents a womb you can lie in and serves for the characters as their only shelter, where their love, freedom and identities are not bound by any conventions.

Rotterdam IFF 2018 – Big Screen Award