The Heart of Nuba

Kenneth A. Carlson, US, 2016
85 min., OV
Willkommen in The Heart of Nuba, der kriegserschütterten Gebirgsregion im Sudan. Hier arbeitet der amerikanische Arzt Tom Catena selbstlos und voller Courage und dient den vergessenen Menschen einer Region, die schonungslos vom Kriegsverbrecher Omar Al-Bashir bombardiert wird. Aber zwei Dinge sind hier immer konstant: Dr. Toms Vertrauen und seine andauernde Liebe für die Menschen Nubas. (

Screening in cooperation with Cinema For Peace
Winner of the Cinema for Peace’s Most Valuable Documentary for 2018!

The Heart of Nuba is a the story about an American doctor Tom Catena as he selflessly serves the needs of a forgotten people in the war-torn Nuba Mountains of Sudan.  The feature length documentary has literally inspired a movement to save lives.  It also has raised nearly $600,000 in donations, 100% of which have gone to medical supplies, staff training and other critical needs of the Mother of Mercy Hospital located in the south of Sudan. The popularity of the film has put pressure on Sudan’s President, convicted war criminal Omar Hassan al-Bashir, to cease the relentless bombing of innocent men, women and children in the Nuba region.  After viewing The Heart of Nuba, the Genocidaire declared, “The Heart of Nuba is the primary reason for the ceasefire in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile State.”  This miraculous ceasefire has lasted over two years.  With the recent ouster of al-Bashir we are cautiously optimistic about the future of the Sudanese people and their determination to create a more democratic form of government.

"A devastatingly essential film. Nobel Prize praiseworthy.” FilmWeek on AirTalk (NPR) 
“Moving and remarkable!”  NY Times

“As inspiring as it gets!”  Hollywood Reporter

“Gripping, inspiring documentary.”  Los Angeles Times  

“Explosive!  Powerful new documentary!”  CNN
100% on Rotten Tomatoes!