Moyi dumky tykhi
Antonio Lukich, UK, 2019
104 min., OmeU
#en Twenty-five-year-old Vadym earns a living recording and selling all kinds of different sounds; nevertheless, he’d rather exchange his life in Kyiv for a better future in far-flung Canada. Thus, when he gets a generous job offer which might help him realise his dream, he jumps at the chance; he soon sets off to record the sounds of animals indigenous to Ukraine and also a rare bird native to the Carpathians. The situation proves somewhat more complicated when Vadym’s companion on the trip turns out to be his mother… To the sounds of a synthesized music score, debuting Ukrainian director Antonio Lukich unfolds a visually creative road movie, in which he demonstrates a highly unusual talent for constructing tragicomic situations.
#de Der junge Tonmeister Vadim aus Kiew erhält die Chance seines Lebens. Er bekommt den Auftrag die Tierlaute der ukrainischen Fauna für ein Computerspiel, dass in Kanada produziert wird, aufzuzeichnen. So obskur der Auftrag, entspinnt sich ein Roadtrip getrieben von dem Traum mit seiner Arbeit seinem gegenwärtigen Leben gen Westen entfliehen zu können. Dummerweise ist er bei seiner Jagd auf die Klänge der ukrainischen Tierwelt auf seine Mutter angewiesen.

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“Kriegsbilder" is an initiative founded by eight artists from the University of Applied Arts of Vienna, six of which are Ukrainians. The organization has two goals. Our main goal is to spread knowledge about Ukrainian culture. On the other hand, we are raising donations and send them to ukrainian funds who provide humanitarian aid to support ukrainians in this nightmare times. The war not only takes away the freedom to experience and create culture but also physically destroys museums, theaters, concert halls, cinemas. We want to provide a shelter for Ukrainian culture. The main focus is a series of events in which Ukrainian documentaries and feature films are presented to the public:
"Kriegsbilder - Emergency Cinema from Ukraine". Our vision is to establish Kriegsbilder as a long-term socio-cultural charity institution that brings people together in and outside of Vienna, giving space to education, art, and Ukrainian cinematography and culture.