TRANSITION : queer asian shorts

The queer Asian community has a whole lot to offer, but is often overlooked in queer film culture. This selection therefore wants to increase visibility and take a close look at political issues and subcultural practices. It wants to get to know different cultural contexts and their very own perspectives on queerness and intersectional experiences. This selection guarantees bright, shiny, proud and astounding films that fight for inclusion and respect.

Tickets 9.-
Asians Have Feelings Too, The Mollusc Dimension & Darius Shu., United Kingdom, 2022, 04:25
Love X Bites, M. Noe & Yupar Momo, Myanmar, 2021, 17:43
Gaze in silence, Hao-liang Huang, Taiwan, 2022, 14:48
To All That We Are, Kristian Cahatol, Canada, 2022, 05:00
14 Days, Narciso Nadal Santos, Jr., Philippines, 2021, 25:33
Veils, Erika Nakayama, Japan, 2021, 17:57
Tank Fairy, Erich Rettstadt 雷利, Taiwan, 2021, 09:31