TRANSITION queer film nights 2023

NEWS! we start the new queer year with the transition queer film nights! due to the great demand and because some of the short film series in november were sold out, here is another opportunity to watch queer short films in the schikaneder cinema!

11.01.23 / transition opening shorts
25.01.23 / queer asian shorts
08.02.23 / queer mix II shorts
22.02.23 / trans* shorts
08.03.23 / lesbian shorts
22.03.23 / queer arab & orient shorts
tickets 9 EUR, sale directly in schikaneder, starts 20:15
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TRANSITION : queer arab & orient shorts*

This new Shorts selection wants to highlight issues that are more specific to Arab and Middle Eastern queers. It offers stories about identity, faith, family, and love that force us to talk about oppression and guide us on our way to find compassion. The films aim to shed light on the realities of different minorities and in this way lay the foundation for wonderful friendships and cross-border solidarity.

Tickets 9.-
*ausgenommen vom nonstop Kinoabo

TRANSITION : lesbian shorts

Far too often we have lamented that lesbian love is underrepresented in film. This year, we want to actively counter this problem and dedicate a separate short film series to lesbian diversity and lesbian cinema. The compilation fundamentally questions heteronormative views and creates space for female desires.

Tickets 9.-

TRANSITION : trans* shorts

The rise of transphobic campaigns forces us to raise our voices again and say loud and clear: There is room for EVERYBODY under the rainbow! With this compilation, we want to increase the visibility of trans realities and actively invite people to join us in creating open and safe spaces for those affected by transphobic activities. Inclusion is not just a buzzword, inclusion means action. So, let us come together, let us be creative, and let us celebrate diversity!

Tickets 9.-

TRANSITION : queer mix shorts II

Emotionally heart-warming, bitter-sweet, and hilariously funny are the films in our Queer Shorts II selection which come from outstanding filmmakers with a heart full of passion and creative ambitions. They celebrate queerness, open up new perspectives, raise awareness and contribute to society by fighting stereotypes and embracing queer realities!

Tickets 9.-

TRANSITION : queer asian shorts

The queer Asian community has a whole lot to offer, but is often overlooked in queer film culture. This selection therefore wants to increase visibility and take a close look at political issues and subcultural practices. It wants to get to know different cultural contexts and their very own perspectives on queerness and intersectional experiences. This selection guarantees bright, shiny, proud and astounding films that fight for inclusion and respect.

Tickets 9.-

TRANSITION : opening shorts

We want to open this year’s festival with a loud bang of emotion, bodies, sexualities and fabulousness. This short film series is a foray into all the highlights the festival has to offer. Let’s explore queerness and celebrate love together. We say let the party begin and dazzle in all the colors of the rainbow.

Tickets 9.-