TRANSITION : queer mix shorts II

Emotionally heart-warming, bitter-sweet, and hilariously funny are the films in our Queer Shorts II selection which come from outstanding filmmakers with a heart full of passion and creative ambitions. They celebrate queerness, open up new perspectives, raise awareness and contribute to society by fighting stereotypes and embracing queer realities!

Tickets 9.-
My Abortion Saved My Life, Ruby Fludzinski & Tiler Wilson, United States, 2022, 08:50
أنا؟ ( I / me ? ), E Rady, United States,  02:10
Don’t Text Your Ex, Jo Güstin, Canada, 2021, 13:52
Lieferissimo, Lukas März & Kilian Bohnensack, Germany, 2021, 07:59
What Does it Mean to Accept Loneliness, Eli Copperman &Jeff M. Giordano, United States, 2020, 01:22
I am Leo, Tajo Hurrle, Germany, 2021, 17:48
Non Binary, Emil Reiter & Nadine Khalaf, Germany, 2022, 03:16
Dreaming in Aspect Ratio, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, United States, 2021, 02:28
Things Among Days, Daniel Mateo Vallejo, Colombia, 2021, 15:00
You Called for a Plumber?, Valentina Mäntylä, Finland, 2022, 07:45
Safe Space, Mirelle Borra, Germany, 2021, 10:00