TRANSITION : lesbian shorts

Far too often we have lamented that lesbian love is underrepresented in film. This year, we want to actively counter this problem and dedicate a separate short film series to lesbian diversity and lesbian cinema. The compilation fundamentally questions heteronormative views and creates space for female desires.

Tickets 9.-
Her Canvas, SAGAR DEVRAM MINDE, India, 2022, 09:14
Veils, Erika Nakayama, Japan, 2021, 17:57
MINT TEA, Avigail Graetz, Israel, 2021, 11:13
Love X Bites, M. Noe & Yupar Momo, Myanmar, 2021, 17:43
The Sad Girl, Joaquim Sicart Bertran, Spain, 2021, 07:14
Open, Sophia Hochedlinger, Austria, 2021, 08:00
Losing The Spark, Amanda Callas, United States, 2022, 13:59