TRANSITION : queer arab & orient shorts*

This new Shorts selection wants to highlight issues that are more specific to Arab and Middle Eastern queers. It offers stories about identity, faith, family, and love that force us to talk about oppression and guide us on our way to find compassion. The films aim to shed light on the realities of different minorities and in this way lay the foundation for wonderful friendships and cross-border solidarity.

Tickets 9.-
*ausgenommen vom nonstop Kinoabo
Imaginary scene, Neda, Iran, 2020, 02:23
ALIA, Zahra BERRADA, France, 2021, 25:00
Nidhal نِضال , Bassem Ben Brahim, Tunisia, 2022, 10:30
The Hidden In The Pain, Danial Ghasemian, Iran, 2021, 05:04
Dream kite, Lachin Khoshvaght Pir, Iran, 2022, 02:37
عِلْقْ : A-Queer-Arab Dichotomy, Ahmad Baba, Germany, 2021, 49:00
palimpsest, mohamed osman kilani, Tunisia, 2021, 06:05
LOST ARAB, Carine Koleilat, United Kingdom, 2022, 04:47