TRANSITION : trans* shorts

The rise of transphobic campaigns forces us to raise our voices again and say loud and clear: There is room for EVERYBODY under the rainbow! With this compilation, we want to increase the visibility of trans realities and actively invite people to join us in creating open and safe spaces for those affected by transphobic activities. Inclusion is not just a buzzword, inclusion means action. So, let us come together, let us be creative, and let us celebrate diversity!

Tickets 9.-
La Tribu, Kürşat Akyüz, Netherlands, 2021, 10:08
Pink Lips, Nicky Miller, Germany, 2021, 04:12
House of Ubae, Koda Calma, United States, 2022, 33:49
Bros Before, Henry Hanson, United States, 2021, 19:05
Thinking of You, Robyn Romain, United States, 2022, 03:30
Between Us, Cailleah Scott-Grimes, Canada, 2020, 17:12