Soak up all these funny, juicy and intriguing visual trips and take them with you to create your own powerful future! You are unsure about what to wear on your juicy porn vacation, because social anxiety knocks on the door? In our collective vacation we will show you a potpourri of lustful tricks on how to deal with those bad days. Come with us on an erotic escape, create your own reality and empower yourself in this broad range of feelings, sexual realities and fantasies. Let’s challenge structural and political frames and change the world of porn! #bettertogether on the „Juicy Team Journey“
Priapus by Priapus The God of Lust, Greece 2023, No Dialogue, 4 minutes
Goodbye Stranger by Michelle Rue, Brazil 2023, English, 8 minutes
Heavy Load by Juan Saez, Germany 2023, No Dialogue, 10 minutes
TRANSIT by Jiz Lee and Vanniall, United States 2023, No Dialogue, 5 minutes
Under the Cherries by Frida Retz, Denmark 2024, No Dialogue, 17 minutes
Fioretto* by Morgana Mayer, Italy 2023, No Dialogue, 5 minutes
friendly reminder by Luna Timnis, Austria 2023, English, 2 minutes
anxiety by Lola Pistola, Spain 2023, Spanish, 6 minutes
MADNESS by Patric Maurer, Switzerland 2023, English, 4 minutes
Indisposed by Hedonistas, Argentina 2023, Spanish, 6 minutes
Satin by Vespéral, Canada 2023, English, 7 minutes
My Stranger (2024) by Bea Blue, Germany 2023, English, 16 minutes
Gone with the Wind by Werther Germondari, Italy 2024, No Dialogue, 2 minutes

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