Delving deep into the realms of our DARK TEMPTATION PORN SHORTS selection, boundaries of desire and fear are explored, limits of taboo subjects and extreme thrills are challenged. These films blur the lines between reality and fantasy, immersing the spectator into visceral experiences and surrender to deepest, darkest desires.
this is where we (cum)post from by Buzia (nasty organic), Ernest Borowski, and Szymon Tur, Poland 2023,  English, 7 minutes
Only Deads by Glulio Golfieri, Italy 2021, Italian, 13 minutes
PLATEAUS IN GAMALIEL by Alexandre Medeiros, Brazil 2023, English, 18 minutes
Chrysalis by Oran Julius, United States 2023, English, 11 minutes
story of the eye (why is the kitchen dirty?) by kollektiv ahnungslos, Austria 2023, No Dialogue, 7 minutes
Alchemy of the Meat by Mahx Capacity, United States 2023, English, 8 minutes
Fucking Mystic by Chelsea Poe, Courtney Trouble, Aja Pop, United States 2014, English, 10 minutes
La Petit Mort by Vespéral, Canada 2023, English with English subtitles, 15 minutes

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