with Pleasure Catalysts

Inspired by the Hysterical Literature series (a viral video art series exploring mind/body dualism, distraction portraiture, and the contrast between culture and sexuality) we bring an outrageously funny and sexy live performance where brave individuals will expose their erotic soul while comfortably shielded from view. Seated at a table concealing their lower half, the performer introduces themselves, and begins performing, be it reading, singing or whatever can be done while “comfortably” seated. Under the table, outside of their control, an unseen assistant of their choice will distract them with powerful vibrations. Hilarity and sexiness ensues, we promise!
This cabaret is held in English.
Please note that audience members can take part in this series and go on stage after announcing themselves directly on site - no partner required for this cabaret, facilitators also can assist. Also we make sure that safer sex supplies like condoms (for the magic wands or blowjobs), gloves, disinfectant, dry/wet wipes, and lube are made available.

Lian lives and works in Vienna as a physiotherapist and yoga teacher. She studied Peace and Conflict transformation in her master's and is currently active in different projects and communities that have consent, body/sex positivity, and youth empowerment as their focus.
Her professional focus lies on supporting people in different phases of life and facilitating their transformation towards feeling peaceful, strong, pleasurable and embodied.

Andrea: After studying physics and education, Andrea worked as a researcher followed by jobs with international organisations and as a security professional. To add some confusion, he decided to start bodywork and studied Shiatsu and Tantric massage until deciding to create his own strain focused on consciously mixing pain and pleasure. He is now studying psychotherapy.

Accessibility: As a visitor, auditory perception is required. As a participant, stage not wheelchair accessible (heightened stage with stairs).

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Zutritt ab 18 Jahren
Ticket: 9 EURO
*not included in nonstop Kinoabo