Porn outside the mainstream is about sexual politics, fighting stereotypes, body positivity, inclusion, care, and sexual revolution. In summary, it is political through and through.
In addition to being a platform for sexual self-expression, porn is also educational and a celebration of diversity. These films articulate explicit political messages, they take a stand on current issues, challenge ways of representation, and therefore become an activist medium in the fight against social injustice and discrimination.
Reclamation by Oran Julius, United States, English, 7 minutes
anxiety by Lola Pistola, Spain 2023, Spanish, 6 minutes
Fioretto* by Morgana Mayer, Italy 2023, No Dialogue, 5 minutes
IMPURE by Pau Devolar Van Dragen, Spain 2023, No Dialogue, 3 minutes
Sarx by Viola V, Australia 2023, No Dialogue, 2 minutes
BOLD EAGLE by Whammy Alcazaren, Philippines 2022, Tagalog, Filipino, English, English subtitles, 17 minutes
SCARS by Luna E. Heine, Sreya Chatterjee, Germany 2023, English, 7 minutes
RAVE by S4RA, Portugal 2023, English, 10 minutes
Indisposed by Hedonistas, Argentina 2023, Spanish, 6 minutes
friendly reminder by Luna Timnis, Austria 2023, English, 2 minutes
Levidis by Iris Glitzer, Germany 2023, Modern Greek (1453-), 12 minutes
turkish hammam queer by Yavus Kurtulmus, Austria, no dialogue, 9 minutes

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