A film program for those desiring sensual extensions of bodies and objects, for individuals with tactile passions, for sound design enthusiasts, for those who have recently fallen in love, and for all whose hearts ache, seeking solace in the immersive realms of smoke, water, and bliss. We invite you on a journey of love-stricken obsessions through the material world that envelops and permeates us. How do you deal and embrace your compulsions, fixations and obsessions? Lets have a chat after the screening. See you there :)
This program has been curated by Porny Days, a five-day festival focusing on the themes of sexuality, sex positivity, corporeality, pornography, and sex work, held annually in Zurich since 2012. The festival is transdisciplinary and aims to create a unique public space for topics that are fraught with complex taboos yet remain central and timeless elements of human cultures. We strive to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience a relaxed environment, free from judgmental sexual morals, at least once a year. This program is presented in collaboration with

Crushed - Ella Rocca; CH 2022, 8 Min, german / english subtitles
To have a "crush" also means to be crushed or overwhelmed: by fantastically intense
feelings, like in a storm. Ella extends this obsessive feeling and thinking in essayistic
reflection from the inside onto the screens and onto the canvas.
Mirage - Akira River/Jessica Moon; CH 2022, 8 Min, no dialogue
In a powerfully slow-mo film, the two players dance around each other like two foxes on the
prowl, exploring each other. The focus is on the touches of bodies encased in latex skin, on
the mouths that explore, on the faces that mutually feel, on the saliva that is shared, and on
the breath that is controlled and held.

Les Dieux du supermarché - Alberto Gonzalez Morales; CH 2022, 8 Min, english and
A film about the profound yearning for the hot male media-insta-advertising body. An honest
cinematic portrait of the director's torn feelings with this obsessive love-hate relationship.
Using found footage, Alberto not only questions his own, but also our cultural obsession with
unrealistic beauty standards and takes us on a shopping tour of bodies through images.
#uglysatisfying, Luisa Zieglmeier und Bennie Hess; CH 2022, 2 Min, no dialogue
"Oddly Satisfying Videos" are an internet trend where viewers experience a sense of
satisfaction. Pimples being satisfyingly squeezed out, noodle soup being slurped loudly,
peculiar materials being intricately and precisely cut, crushed, or rolled by machines. You
know what we're talking about. But is it porn? Not really, but it's intriguing. Oddly satisfying,

Ohrwurm, abcde Flash; CH 2022, 15 Min, german / english subtitles
This snail gives us an earworm – a Swiss finta-only crew directs the spotlight entirely to our
earlobes. A top-notch play session. Playful, original, hot!

Octopuss, Oil Productions; CH 2023, 10 Min, no dialogue
Tentacles are slimy, moist, and incredibly sexy. A porn fantasy that has made its way into
Swiss porn through old Japanese Shunga drawings and Hentai films. Oil Productions,
arguably the coolest indie porn label in Switzerland, celebrates an outrageously slippery sex
in their latest film with stylish visuals and a fantastic cast.

Monochrome - Dan Nieders; CH/CAN 2022, 13 Min, english / french / spanish
Secretly, Juan lives out his fantasies through his alter ego Elise. While Elise is flirting with
Marius at a party, Juan suddenly is confronted with an obstacle to overcome: Juan must
regain control of the body. A film that twists the head and mind, taking the audience into the
inner world of a searching character. To end the program we promise some fucking Swiss
alpine meadow romance.

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